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​Building a new home or adding to an existing one is an experience unlike any other.   For most of our clients, going forth with the design of a new home or addition is the culmination of months or perhaps years of dreaming, planning, saving and "virtual living" in their new space.

At Shigetomi Pratt Architects, we work closely with our clients to mold those dreams into a home, and we bring over twenty-five years of custom residential design to the table.  The genesis of all of our projects is to ask enough of the right questions to assure that we fully understand our client's hopes, needs, lifestyle and budget.  That information is allied with an in-depth understanding of residential design and its historical precedents.

On all of our projects, we continue seeking input and responses from our clients throughout the construction phase, ensuring that when our clients walk through their new home, their dreams and their house are indistinguishable.

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